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PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

High-Potential Identification & Development: An innovative, affordable, and customizable solution

Los Angeles, CA, January 21, 2004 - RSM, a consulting firm providing human capital management services to Fortune 500 companies, today launched CAMP (Customized Assessment of Management Potential), its latest product designed to objectively assess an employee's potential on numerous competencies or skills.

RSM designed the Web-based CAMP because of the present challenges companies face to cost-effectively identify and develop employees with the greatest potential within the organization. CAMP uses a combination of competency modeling and objective assessment to target the skills most important for upcoming leaders in each organization. The product is scaleable across most job types including sales, operations and IT - anywhere the management of human capital is critical to the success of the company.

The results of CAMP are twofold; first, employees come away with a clear understanding of how to improve performance and second, management clearly understands where the key talent lies and how to develop them further.

"Many of our client organizations are facing new challenges as they push leadership responsibilities down into the organization. Why? Because the traditional approach -- developing only the very top talent -- is not sufficient to get the ever-more-complex "job" done. Focusing on only the very top talent has also failed to adequately staff the senior ranks with high-performing members of minority groups," says RSM Principal, Mary Anne Amato, Ph.D. "RSM developed CAMP identify the company's best existing talent and to address the challenge of cost-effectively managing talent lower in the hierarchy."

CAMP is a three-step process administered online to provide immediate feedback and reporting. The process includes:

  1. 1. Identifying employee's competencies through a comprehensive and valid job analysis
  2. 2. Choosing only those diagnostic modules that match the identified competencies
  3. 3. Running each employee through a two-hour computerized assessment. Management and employee receive a thorough report within 24 hours with results and suggestions for development.

RSM recently introduced the CAMP at two Fortune 500 companies that needed to identify candidates in their current population with the most potential. Both companies reported that CAMP was extremely valuable, easy to use and plan to more broadly implement the product into their Talent Management systems moving forward.

About RSM

RSM LLC is a privately-held consulting firm specializing in providing client organizations with tailored, high quality human resource management tools and marketing research.

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