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Organization-Focused Assessment and Intervention

Assessment for Certification and Licensure
Developed and implemented mastery assessments for line personnel to be used in the branch network of a large financial services firm. Assessments were designed to diagnose areas needing development, as well as to certify employees in their jobs. Developed mastery assessments for mechanics and electricians at a variety of experience levels for a large utility. These assessments are currently used for internal certification (e.g., master-level, journey-level, etc.), and to make promotion decisions based on job-relevant knowledge. Developed and analyzed examinations for occupational licensure of several disciplines in various states. This includes psychometric review of examination specifications, as well as item development and review to conform to principles of item writing.

Organizational Development
Realigned the services of a large financial services firm with the needs of customers and skill levels of employees. Realignment resulted in a major reorganization and the design, development, and provision of new products and services. Incorporated a newly designed quality program to monitor effectiveness. Engaged in team building exercises of senior management teams in two financial services organizations. Resulted in improved coordination of missions and activities.

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