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Individual-Focused Assessment and Intervention

Executive Coaching
Developed competency-based 360-degree feedback instrument for an executive management team at a large financial services company. Delivered one-on-one feedback and assisted individuals with working through change. Provide on-going coaching to senior management teams on strategy, planning and management related issues.

Performance Management Systems
Developed and implemented performance management systems for a large East coast-based pharmaceuticals firm. System development included competency-based criterion development, beter training program development, and development and implementation of a systematic rating process for all line employees. Systems were also content validated.

Training and Development Programs
Currently engaged in training module curriculum development for a variety of exempt and non-exempt jobs at a large national financial services company. Project to include training program design, program evaluation, and outcome measurement. Training modules will also be content validated. Developed a management development and training system targeting entry-level managers without previous management experience for a large insurance company. This system was implemented in over 200 branches nation-wide.

Selection/Promotion Programs and Tools
Developed an assessment center for salespersons at a large national insurance company, including assessments of cognitive skills, written communications skills, and management competency and potential. Assessment center implemented for sales-force nationwide. Developed, implemented, and validated a battery of selection instruments for various non-exempt positions at a consortium of regional telecommunications companies. Criteria and battery developed using competency-based strategies, allowing simultaneous content validation. Selection tools were also subsequently validated using criterion-related methods. Fairness studies, utility analyses, and Uniform Guidelines compliance studies were also conducted. Conducted a large-scale validation study of promotion practices in a branch of the U.S. Military. Validation included conducting competency models of various civilian white collar jobs within the U.S. military and evaluation of selection methods for these jobs.


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