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Integral to any talent management system is the identification of high potential employees. Many of our client organizations are facing new challenges as they push leadership responsibilities down into the organization. In response, we are proud to announce our new product – the CAMP. The CAMP is targeted to cost-effectively identify and develop high-potential employees from a broad segment of your organization and focus diversity efforts where they can make a big difference…lower in the hierarchy.

The CAMP offers many advantages:

  • · Quickly and Easily Customized to Measure Only Your     Core Competencies

    · Valid & Compliant

    · On-Line, Web-Based Administration; Immediate

    · Targeted at Non-Executive Positions -- Focuses
         diversity efforts where they can make a big difference

    · Designed for Development/Training AND Staffing
         -- Specific developmental feedback generated for
         each competency, based on the candidate’s score

    · Norm-based scoring on each competency provides
        comparisons of candidate’s performance with other
        successful employees

  • · Simple Integration with Current Infrastructure

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